In 1999 I took a job working with Shaquille O’Neal for an online shoe brand he was trying to launch.

It would mark the beginning of a 20 year working relationship.

This idea was ahead of its time in many ways. We wanted to show the life of the NBA athlete and pull the curtain back.

At the time, It had never been done before.

The problem was that we couldn’t upload the content fast enough and even if we could, people didn’t have the bandwidth to stream any of it.

It was really made for social media, but we were in the flip phone era.

What I love about this is how even at 19, all Kobe cared about was winning championships.

Vince Carter could have the Slam Dunk contest. Kobe wanted rings.

That year, he and Shaq would win their first of three together.

The rest is history.

Mamba Forever.