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Amir Farhang is an award-winning agency creative who turned to full-time directing in 2012. 

A huge sports fan,  in 2013 he directed the adidas produced basketball documentary The Return that followed the comeback of Chicago Bulls NBA MVP Derrick Rose.  In 2014 he wrote and directed the successful ‘Swingman ’ campaign for the NBA and adidas featuring Joakim Noah, Damian Lillard, Dwight Howard, Kenneth Faried, and Andrew Wiggins. In 2015, he shot ‘Sweat with the Best’ for Gatorade, featuring Dwayne Wade, Peyton Manning, Serena Williams, Jimmie Johnson and Bryce Harper. If all this name dropping isn’t enough, he’s also worked with Stephen Curry, Carli Lloyd,  Rhianna, A$AP Rocky, Rob Riggle, and William Shatner, who provided the VO for his latest Priceline effort.  Other clients he’s shot for include Holiday Inn Express, Unicef Tap Project, The NBA,  Comcast, Snickers, Chevrolet, and Best Buy. 

Most notably, his 'World’s Toughest Job’ campaign for American Greetings garnered over 26 million hits on YouTube and went on to win a Gold Pencil at The One Show, The Grand Effie at the 2015 Effie Awards, a Pencil at D&AD, and a Silver Lion in Cannes. 

Recently, he directed the Chevrolet-produced  documentary web series Looking Up that explores the global phenomenon of cellphone addiction and how human beings are adapting to living in a hyperconnected world. 

It featured no famous people.